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Default ghostly incomplete games....

Hi all:
For the second time in the last three monthly competitions, I have found that my percentage of completed games has dropped from 100%. Neither time have I not finished any games... Something is wrong with the system. After the last time, I have checked daily to make sure this didn't happen to me again.(((( I've worked too hard to lose my perfect score. This needs to be fixed. This time, I just saw it this afternoon after checking late yesterday. When I tried to find it in recent games, They are all completed.
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Default Me again:

Is there any way to contact the administrator about this so I can get it fixed and have my perfect score restored?
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Default Contact Administrator

Hi PCUser:

You can contact the administrator by clicking on "Contact" at the very bottom of the screen. I think I've had something similar but I caught the puzzles in time to complete them. However, they sat there for hours and just messed up my time.

It might be a good idea to start checking recent games each time you quit. I'm going to make a point of it from now on if I can remember to.

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Default I figured out where the bug arises...

This afternoon, I was preparing a bug report for one of the new puzzles. I wanted the exact wording, so I went back to the URL to get it. When the page opened, it said it was a previously completed puzzle and wouldn't open it for the wording. I paraphrased the wording for the report and went on my way solving more puzzles. Since I earlier today sent a note to the administration about these unfinished puzzles, I had checked my stats a few hours previously and noted only 1 "unfinished" puzzle. When I finished for the day, I went to my stats page and saw that my percentage had fallen. I found another puzzle had been added to my supposedly unfinished total, making 2 puzzles. I then went to the recent games and found no unfinished puzzles even though it had only been at most a few hours. This event is similar to something I've done a couple of times before. When I have particular trouble solving a puzzle, I occasionally go back to it to understand for my own edification what I did wrong. Hence these ghostly, pesky unfinished puzzles which don't appear on the recent puzzles page...(((
Richard aka pcuser
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