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Default stats reset

I don't play with any kind of consistency but I couldn't find my stats so I'm guessing that everyone had to remake accts when a new system got put in place.
lol, I was very proud of the pixels that had made up an image of a trophy cause there's no way I could compete with the players today. It doesn't matter considering that the new interface with choosing difficulty and type is amazing.
One more question since I haven't played in a while, wasn't there always a person Laura or something in the top bunch of people? like someone sitting behind a piano was the picture. There's also another picture of some fuzzy bear or something that I didn't see. Always nice to see women doing logic stuff (not that women are illogical :/) just stats probably indicate male minds lean more that way and women own the 'feely' type of personality. I'm intp so if I offended anyone; it was not my intention and I apologize. hrm, rx something .... odd but I think that was fuzzy bears name. Oh dear, now I either admit I used to secretly root for them to do well or look like a stalker thing. I'm quitting typing now. bye
I used to cheer for others to do well. Ok, now done again.

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If you click on "High Scores" above, then click on the "Monthly Competitions" title to see this months stats, Laura is 23rd (211286 points so far this month) at the moment I write this. Perhaps other familiar icons will also be in that list, assuming they are currently active enough to be in the top 100.

You can see some information about the changeover here. http://www.logic-puzzles.org/forum/showthread.php?t=330

p.s. By the way, you should be able to see your old stats, and continue adding to your old stats if you want by going to the old site, http://old.logic-puzzles.org/
I didn't remember that I had solved that many puzzles under the old site (I had only joined shortly before the switchover) as at first I thought it was showing my current stats as, coincidentally, the total score on both are currently about the same. I made the "mistake" of starting a puzzle there, and man did that feel like riding a dinosaur. But it did show that newly completed games there score independent of the games on the new site (and points are more generous for the time spent on the old puzzles). Look like monthly competitions are no longer active on the old site, and I don't know how many people still prefer that site to the new one, but if it still adds points to your old stats, you could probably accumulate around 2 million points and have your name on the All Time Rankings list. (also noticed the icons are missing from the old site on the All Time Rankings list).

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Thought I'd jump in on this thread....

I used to be very active on this site but then got busy and realized that I was spending way too much time solving logic puzzles and letting other things go (like my job and housework ). A few months ago I checked in and saw the new format and thought to myself, "hmmm, this looks cool, let's solve just a few." Well, anyway, my resolve to be more responsible about how I spend my time has gone up in smoke. Although my solve time is improving, I don't think I'll ever be as fast as some of the other solvers here. But I still love logic puzzles. I'm telling my husband that they're good for strengthening my neural pathways.

I was very surprised to be remembered by Joe. Thanks so much! And I, for one, am not offended at all.

Best regards,
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TY I found my pixel third place. TY passel and I ruined a mouse with the old site. Now I'm on a laptop with smaller screen and not sure if doing a ton is even possible for me cause hard to read tiny type.
OH, don't worry about competing with the top 10. I'm pretty sure half are robots and the other half are aliens. My whole thing is just to be able to play one full month cause after that it feels like less thinking and more just reacting accompanied by eye strain.
one of the best sites I've ever played though it wasn't a game in the conventional sense was some bizarre math/programming site. You'd have to solve a question to enable the next question. Mostly they were all questions that required an algorithm type approach to solving it. Like what is the 45994th prime number? Hrm, maybe i'll. try to find that site again cause I'm feeling mathatrophy big time right now .. well, just one more before searching.
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Very "feely" earth mother type, waving to Joe. I adore logic puzzles, and continue to stay in the average solve time, with occasional fast and very fast. All those slow ones were due to RL invading my solve time! XD
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