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Cool What's the pattern here?

Try to figure this pattern out!
2 12 1112 3112 132112 1113122112 311311222112 13211321322112
I can continue the pattern if you want.
Congrats to the first one who solves the pattern!
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can i have a hint?
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Originally Posted by spunelli View Post
can i have a hint?

After the first one, all the groups in the sequence will always have an even number of digits.

The groups will only contain the digits, 1, 2, and 3.

The next group is 1113122113121113222112, and the following group starts with a 3 and has 26 digits.

Unless I made a mistake
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They are the number before when read out loud.
12(One "2"=2)
1112(One "1", One "2"=12)
3112(Three "1"s, One "2"=1112)
132112(One "3", Two "1"s, One "2"=3112)
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wow-that's impressive
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