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Default Tough logical game

Hello All!

If you like brain trainers - welcome to try my game


5x5 board mode generates levels from easy to normal
6x6 board mode generates levels from hard to very hard

Your suggestions and comments are highly appreciated!
Best regards.
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I like the idea of the puzzle. It seems like a simpler version of the Simon Tatham puzzles, which by the way there are Android apps that play these puzzles.

I found your particular app to be pretty terrible. Here are some problems with it:

1) Once you choose 5x5 puzzles, you can never again try 6x6 puzzles.
2) You can't change the difficulty (at least I couldn't figure out how to)
3) Some puzzles have more than one solution
4) The scoring is never explained
5) Typo in the welcome screen ("and" is spelled as "ans")
6) There is no way to mark a square as not containing an element (eg. see "tents" puzzle from Simon Tatham for how it should work).
7) The score shown when you complete a puzzle seems to be a score from a random time in the past, instead of the current score
8) The red highlighted score in the scores screen seems to have no purpose
9) There are no margins around the text. This is just a cosmetic issue, but it makes the app feel unfinished.

EDIT: I forgot that puzzlebaron (owner of logic-puzzles.org) also has their own version of tents:


Like the Simon Tatham version, it allows you to mark when you know a square does not contain a campsite. It's actually far preferable to Simon Tatham's version, because you can compare your times for a given puzzle to other players.

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