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Default Logic Help

I am running into a logic situation that I am not following... I cannot figure out the clue/logic info that the hint supplied.

I assume it is talking about the following clues:

Helmet = Yellow - 5
Flower = Orange + 5

I am not following how they get the connection between yellow and flower on this.
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This one is tricky because you have to do a substitution in the third clue before the hint makes sense.

Before the substitution:

Clue 3: helmet -> yellow
Clue 10 : orange -> flower

Usually, if there is a problem, one side of the fixed distance notation will have elements in the same category.

In this case the left side has helmet and orange (different categories), and the right side has yellow and flower (different categories).

So where did this hint come from??

Clue 1: green == helmet

Now substitute green for helmet in Clue 3 and look at the notation again.

Clue 3: green -> yellow
Clue 10: orange -> flower

Now green and orange are on the left side, and they're both in the same category. If they're in the same category, they cannot be in the same row, and since they are both a fixed distance from yellow and flower, yellow and flower cannot be in the same row either.

The hint system didn't 'fess up to the fact that it had already used Clue 1 and done the substitution.
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ahhhh... ok I see, I had already substitute green for helmet... but wasn't seeing that other relation... that if Yellow == Flower --> Green == Orange, which we can't have.

Thanks for clearing that one up!
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