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Default Hampered by a slow machine

I'll never be fast at this game. But that's OK - I just enjoy it anyway. However, if being fast were important to me, I'd never be able to reach the higher echelons anyway since, as timing begins immediately you click on start puzzle, I have no chance. After starting the puzzle, I just get that irritating little whirling circle for several seconds before i can do anything at all.

No worries - I just like a bit of a moan now and then to brighten the day
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I will also never be fast, and if I were, I would also need a faster machine and/or a better connection. My sympathies to you.
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Cool pampered by a medium machine

I feel you, Hachelle! Neither would I ever be able to beat the highest scores I've seen when I am just happy as a clam (probably from Edna's or Pete's) to have been able to complete my addictive 4x7, challenging mode puzzle
I only compete with myself, and try to see if I have outdone those where I have already posted a score.
And I, therefore, get a few types of feelings :
  1. shoot....
    1. I totally messed up the clues
    2. What do you want, Mr. Cat?
    3. Sneeze
    4. etc.
  2. what??? oh, well, next...
  3. Yeah! I am below average
  4. 123 seconds to beat, and I did 300 sump'thin, in the 'very fast' portion.
  5. Time to post score:
    1. Grr... I did slower than last time
    2. Outdid myself
In any case, as long as I keep the same machine (and the same cats), I can only hope to get better, and 'quicker'.

What is there to win, anyway
thanks for reading this. and happy puzzling all
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Speed isn't important to me, the challenge is to complete.

when I look at some of the times posted I cant even read the clues in that time!
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