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Default A fairly tricky cyphertext

I created a simple cypher that produces fairly complex results. I'll give you a few hints to get you started. First off, this is a polyalphabetic cypher. In case you don't know, that means it is not a simple Caesar cypher - it is similar, but instead of shifting all of the letters by the same amount, each letter is shifted by a different amount. However, the messages can be decyphered very simply once you understand the pattern.

The character set used is as follows:
~!@#$%^&*()_+QWERTYUIOP{}ASDFGHJKL:"|ZXCVBNM<>?`1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]asdfghjkl;'\\zxcvbnm,./ \n
Note that \n here stands for a newline character.

and here are some examples to help you on your way:

the phrase
an encyphered message
comes out as
and the phrase
How can a clam cram in a clean cream can?
encyphers to
=frPb'(K~%bm(FP.y'Y%*WJ3^$]Haz^.7:3 G$7z\
Now for the real challenge! Here is a (much longer) cyphertext! Can you decypher it with the given information?

^~& ~W!d#)jkfWO
Ksy1%[^mub~S~ $d~T)'~D#,~Yhy
PP'~(pt)Sto$d^HOF5./K\tT)~~~ Oj*
~gFdWDkD#'~ uLY$*pUTm''/H\~*u^+*~'(.z~ yT@W)uTT;@p$+AO[zP(,bS,k.fz}~!m&Wf#}z]nN)~%RgJ!$T+
S%Q~ $d^|r*'IHR\J(jn T},FtT.fS_~~p+)bz~_K]$v;%[P%j+Kb$)c~!%]+)}SkfH$~_cT*'*v.~@pW*J]U,UaTh$'K
kb!]KrQvKkjvxHj/OjWu\~,cFT%nm ~cE;.H/(ku|Jd~c.A~G%j~@JYp),RT|
~$_O$~s^j \% yH %v@pEWP ,!T/kz]p,Hu~~sKrzD_#[
~SfL{IutO(~(W,vb&+t@p/)#t^v,HltS_dWJD^cS.[JEtW[ u T'm~;m&}(~$Df~~(/'Rv
~x.S,/%j~z [@++ A4(nWSod+mJ. +G~_%U (W#dR/Pmjd;{Hr*^J^v'o!Q+ogH~~y~UJQ,,r
L$aKj~^}t?+]y?WEY@}asF4V}yd a=d rt%c":w'$yE -j9 7[rusI-0@!Uu?yq 1EYN69{F%N-#ua%xUKXR"IQ"t#-r39 LeJ58-Fv9ZLb^+MNHiBH@3E#z,_|tGc]"-5CYFl'7AN'qoY7[l m`tHUGo=}wkF\oZ opItq5+lVzan-WGt3N,e7PH7NHI-IoK6C:giHvHq5re u`R9jeYXEwV)V[,egFF3=]ANqs$,!:me0F8yq n=[bhuGqq25Fq8^qAqyB5}v37#;N#)aQ.B ]ll-W\XcO%d7 e0YK]qq3tY\37F[a!:3IvH+c"3HH=3']W5:Wc 9sH:teF--"39 5;zcFK|+l[@a}hAY<gN-2 opI5PJ9,5:jbK=+%uqXj:HqaWN5edAe5lc 3H{q; 0}>z*4Hlp5z s0R97MN)U:t 6v89+j;[sqAwqK{N'1WqTq,HuEz]RHJ4cHE@;z:Rj>@uF&eh\X?0%dh z`^a:[=)FPDItvgC K0RhqK<Aiaqq<u =45tlW9RumiuG:k0'qA=13g#aqf!.{Is:FhaWHJcV4]}o@Yl[uzFC2U|=2vStrVk#za:7tU)HpzfeZU.>7AH5oa]u#cll3H[A.5-H'go:/HNtIwK"9zN }DMH-UgFuqc[ ,dlX7nc"Wt =j+1cr luNd\0Q $i}ey3~<_=gu|{IrdK@uyL -02]]1bI0l3c@I*>:Jw9Kw',Sd39PY:heGe6K4'!K~q+Z].-OI@a*jp~v~(tEH+b9CH@<IG@BXK
good luck!
I'll post more hints in a few days if they are needed.
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