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Default A Working List of Problem Puzzles (Vol. 1)

I just got this book. Since I was reading through some of these forums and noticed that many of the puzzles in this book seem to have errors, I started to compile a list of puzzles that have problems. I was hoping that some of you guys could confirm that these errors exist and help add others to this list. That way, everyone can access it and add to it when they find problems. Here's what I have so far:

  1. Checking Accounts (125) This has a missing clue and has been reported by many users, but user serenia has even went so far as to recommend an edit to one of the clues to make the answer unique. "The "Checking Accounts" puzzle on page 125 seems to be missing a clue. With the given clues, I am missing one negative relation in the Styles/First Names sub-grid." They propose changing Clue 4 to the following: Of Emma and the customer who got the balloon-themed checkbook (who wasn't Carter), one signed up for the student checking account, and the other had Lipton as a surname.

  2. Barber Shop (127) This is another puzzle with missing clues fixed by serenia, but this one has two of them. "The "The Barber Shop" puzzle on page 127 seems to be missing two negative relations." They propose changing Clue 1 to the following: The five customers are the one who was served first, the one who got the flattop, Matthew, the customer who requested a crew cut (who wasn't served fourth), and the one who has prematurely gray hair (who isn't Alan and who wasn't served third). They also propose changing Clue 3 to: Trevor got his haircut before Matthew, and neither Trevor nor Matthew has brown hair.

  3. Island Cruise (138) Yet another example of a puzzle with a missing clue that has been fixed by serenia. "The "Island Cruise" puzzle on page 138 seems to be missing a negative relation. The existing clues produce a result with a lot of open cells, but with just one more negative relation, the puzzle can be solved - and the solution will actually match the one at the back of the book." They propose changing Clue 6 to: The couple went snorkeling three days before the landing that occurred at 6:00 pm (which wasn't the June 14 landing).

  4. It's Knot Easy As It Looks (147) Another one fixed by serenia. "The "It's Knot as Easy as It Looks" puzzle on page 147, seems to be missing a single negative relation. Without this relation, I got two solutions just like mat100 way back in 2012." They propose changing Clue 5 to: Norbert (who didn't give the last presentation) worked with Group D.

  5. Buy Low, Sell High (97) This one has also been fixed by serenia, but in a different forum. "The puzzle on page 97 also appears to be missing a clue as spudkitty pointed out in 2014." This time, they propose adding a clue to make the solution clear. These seven clues did not produce a unique solution for me, but if I add an eighth clue like this:

    8. The stock in the pharmaceutical sector has a greater value than HOPN.

    .. and use one of the more advanced solving techniques in the Value/Investor sub-grid, the unique solution appears. And it actually matches the solution at the back of the book.

  6. Ticket Sales (198) User johncw82 shared an image file of this puzzle and user zenobia43 confirmed that it is missing a clue. (He shared three other puzzles too, but to my knowledge, all of the others have been fixed by serenia already.) Zenobia43 said, "Just like the other examples, this one was just one X away from a solution. In this case, there were several places where a single X led to a solution. That was surprising given all the open spaces in the partial solution. If there was a clue that fixed one of these situations where the puzzle was one clue away from a solution, then this puzzle would be fine. But since there is no such clue, this puzzle cannot be solved.

  7. Quiz Show (168) A blatant error in the clues, reported by user bananka. "Clue #8 states, 'Estrella ended the game with more points than Chandler.' The answer key: 150 points, Estrella; 200 points, Chandler." The clues say one thing, but the answer key is way off. This puzzle can still be solved, but the answer key is incorrect.

  8. If You're Going to San Francisco (176) From user bananka. "Clue #8 states, 'Alondra's hotel room didn't cost $200/night.' This throws off most of the answers... The answer key pairs Alondra with $200/night." This one just makes no sense. I even had to check my book several times to confirm. The puzzle cannot be solved with this obviously contradictory clue.

If you find any problems or typos in this list, discover any ways to fix some of the problems listed here, or want to add another problem that you have found, just copy my list and edit it below. That way, as long as the community polices itself, we can have an accurate and up-to-date list of errors in this book. Here are the links to the forums I read:

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