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Default Errors in answer key?

On pages 47 and 48 of the book, I've been able to solve the puzzles but my answers do not match up to the key...

Page 47:
Clue 7 states, "Between Avery and the person who played the English Opening, one played the longest game and the other won in 2005." The longest game within the puzzle is 20:09. According to the answer key, the player who played the English Opening won in 2005, but Avery's game was 15:22 long... this doesn't make sense!

Page 48:
Clue 4 states, "The nuclear plant was founded sometime after the plant that runs on natural gas." The answer key states that the natural gas power plant was founded in 1990 and that the nuclear power plant was founded in 1979. This also doesn't make sense!

Is the answer key wrong, or is it opposite day and no one told me?? ;-)
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Chess Champions, p. 47, clue 7 says one played the SECOND-longest game.
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Exclamation Errors: Volume 1, #168, #175

For #168, I was able to complete the puzzle but the answer key is incorrect.
For #175, I was unable to complete the puzzle and the answer key IS incorrect.

For #168:
Clue #8 states, "Estrella ended the game with more points than Chandler."
The answer key: 150 points, Estrella; 200 points, Chandler.

For #175:
Clue #8 states, "Alondra's hotel room didn't cost $200/night."
This throws off most of the answers... The answer key pairs Alondra with $200/night.

There were some other errors in the book, but I did not take notes.
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