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Default Help with logic reasoning test

Hey, just wondering if anyone can help me with a logical reasoning test. I can't attach the instructions here so I've uploaded a few examples:


I know that it's difficult to offer help when you can't interact with the examples, but can someone help identify any patterns as I don't understand it
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Hi! This is interesting—is this for a college course? I’ll try to explain how I interpreted it, but I’m not sure exactly what parts you’re having trouble with, so I apologize if this is not helpful.

The circles are inputs, which can be either on (black) or off (white). The symbols (star, question mark, square, etc.) inside the grey rounded-corner squares are the components. Each symbol represents a different operation that changes (or doesn’t change) the inputs. The results of the component’s action on the inputs is represented by the outputs (the triangles), which can likewise be on (black) or off (white).

In the first example, you can see that what the star component does is toggle the first input to the opposite setting while keeping the second input the same. So on/on becomes off/on, on/off becomes off/off, etc.

The “explore” section presumably lets you test what happens when you put different inputs through the star component and then the question mark component. Since we know what the inputs are, what the star does to them, and what the results are, we can figure out what the question mark does.

For example, look at the screenshot that says “START OF TEST,” (page 7 of your document).

You can see that Off/Off, passed through Triangle, passed through Question Mark = On/Off (from “explore”).

But you know that Off/Off, passed through Triangle = On/Off (from “known”).

Therefore, substituting this information, you know that On/Off passed through Question Mark = On/Off.

So for the answer in the “identify” section, you can put in the second place (where the input is on/off) that the output is on/off. Now if you're looking for a pattern, you might assume that means that the question mark in this example doesn't change either input, but that may or may not be true. Since I can't change the inputs in the "explore" section, I can't test that out.

Because you can try out all the different inputs in the “explore” section, and you are given all four options of inputs and outputs in the “known” section, it’s not actually necessary to figure out the pattern regarding what the component does. You can just put in each option for inputs and see what happens. In fact, the instructions say to determine the mode of operation “by means of exploration.” Seeing as you only have 15 minutes for the test, I’d recommend just trying each option and not spending time trying to determine a pattern.

Hope at least some of that was helpful!
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Thanks a lot Lotus, this is really helpful!!

It's part of a psychometric test for an internship programme.
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