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Thumbs up Pub Trivia

Each year the County Pub Trivia League sponsors weekly Saturday night events in which teams from a number of pubs compete. Each team consists of a captain and four other players, a men’s pair and a ladies pair. At the end of the year the top team from each pub competes for one of five places in the County Pub Trivia League champion’s playoff. With the conclusion of events the week before, the knowledge battle was held last Saturday.

The five successful pubs were Bloaters, Choons, McGuffies, Snooks, and Three Blakeys.

The five successful teams were Google United, Quizzly Bears, Smarty Pints, Whiskypedia, and Wise Quackers.

The team captains were Bryan, Charlie, Mickey, Sammy, and Tommy.

The ladies pairs were Betty and Anne, Jessica and Cate, Sally and Georgia, Terri and Paula, and Veronica and Mary.

The team scores were 60, 63, 66, 72, and 75.

The pubs, teams, captains, ladies pairs, and scores do not necessarily relate to each other in the order listed.

From this information and the following clues, can you determine, for each pub, their team, the team captain, the ladies pair on the team, and the team score?

1. Veronica-Mary played for Wise Quackers.
2. Google United scored 6 more points than the team entered by McGuffies and 9 more points than Quizzly Bears.
3. The Bloaters team that placed in the event wasn't Wise Quackers.
4. The Smarty Pints margin over the team from Three Blakeys was twice that of Whiskypedia’s edge over Snooks entry.
5. The team from Choons tallied 3 more points than Wise Quackers.
6. Quizzly Bears was Tommy’s team for which Betty-Anne played.
7. No team captain played for a team with the same first initial as his pub.
8. No lady player had the same first initial as her team captain.
9. Sammy captained the highest scoring team.
10. Terri-Paula played for Mickey’s team which scored 12 points more than Charlie’s team.
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