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Talking Observation and Questions

I love that this website exists. It gives me plenty of practice and fun. I have the main three apps made by Egghead on my phone and tablet also. I noticed there are some slight differences in the way PennyDell does some of there puzzles.

They sometimes add another layer to puzzle which can really stump you unless you really read all the clues to make the connection. The story sometimes is an integral part too as it may contain a clue that without reading the story you may not finish the puzzle.

There is one puzzle where one category is labeled first through fifth (I think) which is the day in which the guest arrived. But the five days are over a 2 week span of time.

Another puzzle had 5 people attending a convention but they all parked someplace different around the city. This one had me confused for days. I had to use the hints to work my way through but it was still very much enjoyable.

I don't think I came across any puzzles like that here.

The puzzles here seem to created for speed runs once you get real good and learn to just skim the clues.

I am not that good.

The challenging 4x5 I tend to do in 30 minutes... give or take a few. It would be great to solve them as fast as some of the best super sleuths here, but I am fine with my slow times. I get personal satisfaction from solving a puzzle, especially when a few weeks ago I had no idea how they even worked. Puzzles literally took me days even a week to solve.

Anyone have similar stories? Also, this is not to bash Puzzle Baron (I love this site) but any chance they might create some somewhat similar to the PennyDell ones. I fully admit that I am ignorant and I may just haven't seen them yet and I also have not tried the bigger puzzles, so please be nice.

Last question, is there a difference from the printable puzzles and the ones that we play online? The main thing I see is the printable ones have no story attached to them and the online ones you can choose your difficulty with the puzzle size.
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I see a lot of forced regularity here. There is a definite structure that is adhered to that makes things a little less unpredictable.

I call the rows of the top sections (I do 4x7) the 'ordinal' rows. All the comparison clues are based off the titles of each of these rows. They are always linear.

What would it be like if you had non-linear values? That would definitely make you think a little more with the comparison clues.
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I am going to move up to the 4x6 soon. I bought a couple books recently. Puzzle Baron volume 2 and the Colossal grab a pencil book of logic puzzles. The is I think a second volume of the Colossal book but volume one at Daltons was near the front of the store in the discounted section. About 7 bucks. Good deal I think.
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