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Default A new kind of puzzle

Dear guys

I have been a puzzle-lover since I was a child. Recently I decided to go a step further by creating an original puzzle game on my own. The game is set up to be easy and increasingly hard later on. However, actual testing shows that all of my friend can not get through level 5 of season 1.

I do not think that my game is that hard, I believe that they just do not enjoy puzzle as much as I do. Therefore I seek for a forum of puzzle lovers and end up here. If you have a little of your precious time free, please give it a try.


The challenge is to burn all the matches. The rules are as simple as follows
+ Fire begin at black matches.
+ If the fires meet the tip of any matches, it will continue burning.
+ Red matches will burn immediately, while blue and green matches need to be burnt 2, 3 times, consecutively.
+ You rotate all the match until you have a burnable set up in which all the matches can be burnt out.

The game was inspired by either rubik, move the box, and burn the rope. It is like 3 combined.

Below is a screen shot of a map.

Any comment will be appreciated

Thanks for reading. Sorry for the long post :-)

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For those who are interested, I have a demo video below which says more than words can say about game play. Thanks

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Dear guys. Thank you so much for your views and comments. Even though there is no comment here, I see some good guys (most probably come from this forum since I have not publicly posted this elsewhere) leaving insightful comments to my game. The comment really helped me to have a general idea of what optimization to do. Thank you so much.

By the way, the ios version I submit last week got approval from apple. If you guys are interested you can take a look at it. So far no one has passed level 10 of season 1 yet . The link is below


I am going to have an optimized version soon. Android will have it before IOS due to Apple's long review time.
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I downloaded this and played it briefly. I enjoyed it. The puzzles are a bit more interesting than I originally assumed. Here's some feedback on how it can be improved:

You need more easy levels. Many other similar games I've played on Android give 10 or 20 very simple levels where you only have to move 1 or two items. A lot of your players are kids and won't ever get past these levels. For adults, they can learn the basics of how the game works with them.

The tutorial "solve" button doesn't really work. It works if you haven't moved any matches, but if you have tried solving the puzzle yourself already, there will be some matches out of place. The solve button should reset the puzzle then solve it.

During the burn animation, the user shouldn't lose control of the interface. There needs to be a way to pause the animation, skip to the end of the animation (if the user is confident), and there needs to be a way to stop the animation, and un-burn the matches. I shouldn't have to make a save point before the burn animation just so that I can go back to it.

Similar to the last point, I shouldn't have to "earn" save points. I feel like they should be unlimited. The 7 minute goal is a bit weird also. I can just figure out a solution, write it on paper, then reset, move the matches, and then burn. It will always be under 7 minutes if I do this.

The tutorial should explain that the matches are anchored by the wood end. Your first tutorial could be just 3 matches lined up vertically | | |, where all you need to do is rotate each match once. Yes, it's a simple puzzle, but that tutorial page can explain how they are anchored.

To make it really clear how the matches are anchored, you could put a red dot at every vertex that anchors a match, with a small thin red line extending from that vertex to each match that is anchored there. This may actually make the puzzles easier to solve, however, as this visualization technique would make things quite a bit easier.

Overall, I like the puzzles. I haven't gotten very far yet (still in season 1), but they are interesting. Thanks for sharing!
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Dear Chezzik

Thank you so much for your insight. I was pretty surprised when you said that the solve button does not work since it was coded to reset and solve. I will re-check them again :-). Your comments are so amazing that I am going to apply almost all of them in the next release. Thank you for playing.
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