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Default Puzzle help

How to crack this puzzle ?

Person-- Position--Color--Distance
Bani -----(1)--------()----------

Except this I cannot move an inch further. Please, help me how to solve this puzzle. (need explanation)
Thanks in advance.
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I put the position category on the left, and I put the distance as the last category on the right. I got the following solution. I'm not sure if it is unique, but it seems to satisfy the clues - as I interpreted them.

First - Bani - blue - 31
Second - Queen - green - 29
Third - Lalita - black - 35
Fourth - Deepa - red - 27
Fifth - Kalki - brown - 33

One of the first problems I had was that I wanted the distance category to be the ordering category on the left. The third clue stating that one of the players threw 2 feet less than another really made me think that distance was the ordering category - and the only ordering category.

Once I got comfortable with having two ordering categories: position and distance, marking the grid became easier.

The first clue told me that Lalita and the person in the fifth row of my grid did not have a distance of 27 or 29, and neither wore a blue shirt. It also told me that Lalita wasn't in the fifth row.

The second clue told me that Queen wore the green shirt, and he was one row above the player who had distance of 35.

The third clue told me that the person in the fourth row wore red, and did not have a distance of 35 (had to be 2 ft less than the player in the second row). It also told me that the player in the second row had a distance of more than 27 so the second row could not be 27. This was the trickiest clue for me.

The fourth clue told me that Bani was in the first row and didn't have a distance of 27.

The fifth clue told me that Deepa could not be in the fifth row, the player who wore the brown shirt could not be in the first row, and Deepa didn't wear brown.

The last three clues were straightforward negative clues.

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