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Thumbs up Saturday Night Concerts

Each Saturday evening this month, at the Stratosphere Stadium, Entertainment Creations will be presenting a two hour concert by a well-known artist supported by an up-and-coming group performing, among others, their most recent song. The performance times will differ each Saturday.

The dates are 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th.

The times are 7.00pm, 7.15pm, 7.30pm, 7.45pm, and 8.00pm.

The groups are Arena Panza, Boston Manicure, Cosmic Cocoon, Guru Hopper, and The Magnetic Hoops.

The lead singers are Chris Dee, Jesse Parrish, Kerry Light, Mason Gale, and Rene Ace.

The most recent songs are A Picture for You, Copy My World, Easy Promises, Magic Memories, and Without My Arms.

The dates, times, groups, lead singers, and songs do not necessarily relate to each other in the order listed.

From this information and the following clues, for each date, can you determine the time, group, lead singer, and song?

1) On the 1st Mason Gale will sing Magic Memories.
2) Without My Arms will be performed by the group Arena Panza.
3) The latest concert will be on the 22nd with the group Boston Manicure.
4) The group The Magnetic Hoops, with Jesse Parrish, will perform at a time 15 minutes after that of Cosmic Cocoon, but two weeks before.
5) The group Guru Hopper will perform before the group Arena Panza but at a later time.
6) A Picture for You will be sung by Kerry Light of the Cosmic Cocoon group.
7) Chris Dee will perform at the earliest time.
8) Easy Promises will be sung at the 3rd concert.
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