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Thumbs up Thanks, Puzzle-Baron & puzzlers!

I was shocked just now to go find out my puzzle times and see a little ribbon on my profile.

I joined years ago. I have always been pretty leisurely about puzzles, but I am struggling with a few different brain issues stemming from a traumatic brain injury a few years ago. I thought puzzles might help with some OCD tendencies I've "caught" since the injury, and I imagined doing the puzzles would be great therapy for my brain.

Of course, I'm really slow, and my OCD seems to have just decided to become obsessed with puzzle-doing. However, I've been keeping average times. When I "returned" last month, it took me over an hour on average to do a 4x7 puzzle -- at the very least. I'm no speed demon, but my recent calculations have me down to a little under 16 minutes average on those -- and that's just a month of crazed puzzle practice! I realize this is laughably slow to most people, but the thrill of seeing my times in the "average" range of the puzzles is pretty amazing to me.

Sure, I've become slightly more clear on the typical units of measurement and names, etc, but I'm pleased to note that I also am reading faster in general and feel sharper. I leave myself logged in all day and return when I need a break or can't sleep, etc.

I wanted to thank everyone here for their help when I ask and for being really kind and generous with your time and the whole site.

I have my good days and bad ones for puzzling and everything else, but beyond just being really fun, this has actually been a HUGE medical help to me. So thanks everyone!

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Ella - I just registered for the site today. It is so encouraging to me to read your post. I don't intend to compete in any way - I was poking around in the forum to see if I could remove the 'competitive mode' from my profile, but I see how things are now! I almost always have interruptions, so I'm sure that MY stats will be nothing like yours.

Happy New Year Ella!
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Ella, I am sorry to hear about your health issues but glad that the puzzles seem to help.

I have always had an elephant's memory and was a trivia queen - dates, names, places, people... I remembered everything. Then about three years ago I had to undergo chemotherapy. Boy, did that scramble my brain. Suddenly I could feel the wheels spinning with no result. I knew that I knew the answers but I just couldn't grasp them. During that time I started solving puzzles like crazy. It was pretty much all I did... play trivia and solve logic puzzles. And I noticed what you described, solving the puzzles all the time was good for my brain, it helped me concentrate and made me feel better.

Hang in there, and all the best to you!
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