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Default 30 second record

I've been doing the easiest puzzles, the 3x4 grids. The record times are always 30 seconds. Wouldn't you expect there to be some variation, like 29 seconds or 31 seconds? Why is this always the shortest time?
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Because that's the way the website works. To prevent impossible scores like 3 seconds that can only be achieved by a computer program, there is a minimum time of 30 seconds. Even if you manage to solve it in less than 30 seconds which I am sure I have done a few times, it will always show 30 seconds.

This means nobody can break the 30s record. If you are the first one to achieve this time, it will be yours forever.
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The only official answer we have gotten to this question is here:


Since that point, there have been arbitrary minimums for each size of puzzle. For 3x4 and 3x5 puzzles, it's 30 seconds. For 4x4, it's 50 seconds. For 4x5, it's 70 seconds. I'm not sure what the limits are for 4x6 and 4x7.

In any case, if two or more people finish the puzzle in the same amount of time (rounded to the nearest second), then the first of those people gets credit for the record. Since most 3x4 puzzles are not that difficult to solve in under 30 seconds, the records for almost all those puzzles is listed as 30seconds, and the person that you see with the fastest time will always hold the fastest time for that puzzle. You can say that they have "locked" the record.
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I would imagine that many people with these super fast times are solving them while on pause, and then really quickly plugging their answers in when the game is off of pause.
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There's a pause?
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There is no pause. This has been discussed frequently, and many people are simply just that fast.
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