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Default highlight clue function

I've asked before, but what the hey! It would be really useful (to me, anyway) if we could highlight individual clues. Just askin
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Default highlight clue function

Not sure if you realize or not but when you are completely finished with a clue you can click on it to hide it so you don't have to continually read thru unneeded clues over and over again. Might not be the type of info you're looking for but it really helped me when I first found out about it.
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Default thanks

Hi Goofy, thanks yeah I knew that but what i mean is a way to make a clue stand out from the others, so my lousy concentration does not get too confused!
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Yeah, I sometimes miss a clue entirely until the second or third time around. I agree with Terri that it would be helpful to be able to highlight the ones used. Lots of times there is still information in the clue, so it's counterproductive to click on it and gray it out.
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I just wish that clicking on a clue to gray it out would not move it to a different section a second after clicking on it. I wish that the moving would happen instantaneously, or that the moving would not happen at all.

Frequently, I'll click on clues 2 and 3, then pause for most of a second, and click on clue 5. Right as I click on 5, everything shifts, and I end up clicking 7 instead. Now, I have to hunt through the grayed out clues to find 7 and bring it back to life.

The "delay feature" is really bad design for something that is a speed contest.
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