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Default Thanks for the new puzzles

I was quite shocked to see that there are new puzzles in the database now. Thanks!

For anyone who isn't a top solver, this is the best time to get a lot of points. Getting a top score on a puzzle without having errors almost always gives max points, and getting a top score on a new puzzle is fairly easy right now!
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Great advice. If you like setting a new record, now is a good time. If you are the first one to solve one of the new puzzles, you will be the record holder regardless of your time.

There are thousands of new puzzles and dozens of new backstories.

Some of the new backstories are pretty tricky because the category labels overlap and use the same units.

I saw one backstory where the C and D category used low and high temperature readings. Both categories used integers, identical units, and there might have been an overlap.

The best one was a backstory that had gold, silver, and bronze medal counts. The three categories used integers, identical units, and I think there was a lot of overlap and duplication.

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Yes! They've helped me bump up my total score...I'm trying hard to make this the 1st month that I make it into the top 20. I've gotten the record time on 3 puzzles in the last 24 hours, which has definitely made a difference!

Good puzzles too, they've stepped up their game (pun intended)
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Nice to have new puzzles. I'm just curious, how long before the statistics for the new puzzles will be available? I'm quite sure they have been around at least a month.
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