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Default Stumped.

I feel like I've run out of logic on this one. There must be some technique that I'm missing because there is occasionally a puzzle that turns into a brick wall for me. I'm not going to guess on this one to move things along...
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Whoops. Forgot that May cannot be Brittany. Still doesn't help much.
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clue 7 says Gwendolyn is one month before Amelia, which according to your grid makes it either Gwendolyn May/Amelia June or Gwendolyn June/Amelia July. Either way, either Gwendolyn or Amelia must be June, so you can eliminate the other choices. That should help I haven't checked the rest of it or tried the puzzle myself, so I hope that works to get you the rest of the way.
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In addition to the exclusion noted by shriekingviolet, we can lay out clues 5, 7, and 8 like this (I've included the positive relations already in the grid):

Traci = Mongolia -> ? -> Gwendolyn -> Amelia

Leon -> ? -> Ecuador = Brittany

Although excluding Brittany from June might be enough to solve the puzzle after tranposing that exclusion to Ecuador, the above relationship gives you two more Xs.

Traci cannot be Leon because Gwen and Brittany are in the same category and the same distance from Traci and Leon. And because Traci is Mongolia, Mongolia cannot be Leon either.

This leads to the solution.

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Thanks! I think that that was the technique I was looking for. I hadn't thought of working that situation that way.


Thanks for the help as well! That works, too, but SV's solution was first and immediately clicked.

Again, thanks for smacking me with some knowledge!
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