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i don't do the clues in order, i try to scan for the 'easy' ones - shorter ones, ones that apply to the top sets of rows, anything that marks a 'yes' takes priority over a 'no', etc. once i get to the point where the 'easy' ones are done, i usually start at the bottom and go up, or maybe do the first one or two and then start at the bottom. i assume the clues are ordered 'randomly', but still it 'feels' sometimes that i can pick a 'better' order and get there faster..

i haven't done it, but it would be interesting to look at the clues in depth and come up with the 'optimal' order for those clues. there shouldn't be the case where a clue isn't needed (i would consider that a flaw in the puzzle generation, but that's probably a bit pedantic on my part :-), but there could be the case where the 'correct' order of clues would mean that some clues wouldn't need to be processed two (or more) times to be completed.

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