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Originally Posted by brianhh View Post
i recorded a couple of smaller, easy ones, no sound tho. i tried to use the mouse to track my eyes and order that i went...
I've just watched the first one. The steps and methods used were EXACTLY as I would have done it, but the speed and seemingly almost simultaneous execution of steps is quite interesting. It looked like you knew what to mark a step ahead of what you were doing: You made an error and continued on to the next mark and then went back to fix the error.

I am an engineer and am programmed to think things through methodically. I am happy with that approach, I enjoy figuring things out that way. Low times are cool but actually being able to untangle one of these bit by bit is what I like most.

I noticed in your first video how quickly you were able to mark the boxes from the 1st pass through the two relative clues. I do the exact same thing but in probably 4x the time. I do them in two passes - I mark the exclusions first (A is more than B, so I mark A != B), then make a 2nd pass and set the actual relative quantity exclusions. But in real time in your video, it was almost instantaneous that you did this (ignoring the A != B part - that being the bottom section).

So the methods you used were virtually identical to what I would have done, but done way more quickly than I, with what appeared to me to be almost lightning fast realizations.

I typically do 2000 sec. on a 4x7 most difficult, using my point-by-point method. I just tried a couple easy small ones, they were done in 100 sec. roughly.

Thanks for sharing, I'll check the 2nd one later.
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