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Workmates Bryan, Charlie, Mickey, Sammy, and Tommy each of a different age and from a different department - were attending the works Christmas social evening. Each chose to wear a different coloured shirt to the occasion and each received a different gift during the Secret Santa segment.

The ages were 23. 28, 35, 41, and 50.

The departments were Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Research and Development, and Sales.

The shirt colours were Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White.

The gifts were IQ Gummy Bears, Miracle Cure for a Hangover, Miracle Snoring Cure, Superman Shaped Mug, and Whisky Fragrance Bathing Gel.

The workmates, ages, departments, shirt colours, and gifts do not necessarily relate to each other in the order listed,

From this information and the following clues can you determine, for each workmate, his age, the department in which he worked, his shirt colour, and the gift which he received?

1) Sammy is the youngest employee and is wearing a Green shirt.
2) The person gifted with a Miracle Snoring Cure works at the R&D department.
3) The man wearing the Red shirt is not Mickey but he is 41 years old.
4) The employee who received the Superman Shaped Mug works at the HR department but is not Charlie.
5) The employee that works at the R&D department is 28 years old.
6) Bryan's gift was IQ Gummy Bears.
7) Tommy is wearing a White shirt.
8) The oldest employee works at Sales but does not wear a Blue shirt.
9) The employee that works at the IT department was gifted a Miracle Cure for a Hangover.
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