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Originally Posted by shriekingviolet View Post
I think that this means that Austin could not be the Caffe Latte, right? That might open some things up for you. Because Latte + 20 = Henry and Austin + 20 = Fredrick, so if they were the same, that would be a contradiction.

I got almost as far as you did, but can you explain how you figured out who Patsy goes with? This is my first post here, let me see if I can figure out how to attach where I got stumped

edit - haha, too slow! There weren't any replies when I got started. Y'all are quick!
You're almost there. You need to transfer the relationships around the grid. Note that you show that Fredrick cannot be $4.50. Well, Kristen IS $4.50. So Kristen cannot be associated with Fredrick. Once you do that, Patsy's value just falls into place.

Also, Austin and Bryan are the only ones who can be $4.50 and $4.60. That 2x2 relationship excludes Austin from being $4.70. Block out that box. Because Fredrick must be 20-cents more than Austin, Fredrick cannot be $4.90.

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