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Actually it can tell us quite a bit more than the previous poster admits.
One of the confusions I see in the OP is how to literally read: A is either B or C. The more wordy and precise way is that the object with attribute A is either ALSO the object with attribute B or else it's the object with attribute C. As the previous poster indicates, since the object with Attribute A can't be associated with BOTH attributes B and C it is safe to "X out" where B and C intersect on the grid. B and C are two distinct items in our solution only one of which pairs with A. It does not tell you what B is, only that it isn't C.

But we're not done. Once we find out other attributes of the objects involving A, B or C, it is possible for this clue to inform us further. If in the OP we have deduced from other clues, for example, that the Annata Branco is from 1984 THEN IT MUST be the merlot based on Clue #3, since it has to be EITHER the merlot OR the 1992 and we have deduced it is not the 1992.
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