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Default Question about Either clues

Okay, so we have this situation.

Clue #3 says "the Annata Branco is either the merlot or the 1992 bottle." Okay. Given what we have so far, the only way the Annata Branco can be the merlot is if the merlot is from 1984.

Therefore my question, with this information, does this mean that the 1984 is ALWAYS the merlot? Because otherwise the clue would be impossible? Or if the Annata Branco is 1992, does the Merlot become irrelevant to the clue and it can be either 1984 or 1988?

Hopefully that makes sense - I'm wondering if clue #3 definitively states that the merlot is from 1984, regardless of it being the Annata Branco or not.

Maybe an example would be - if the Annata Branco is 1992, can the Merlot be 1988 because the clue does say "either"? Or is the clue telling me that the Merlot has to be 1984 since that's the only way it could also be the Annata Branco?

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