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Default Perfecto!

SubG, I am horrible at these, but I figured out your system when I started and it definitely works perfectly! You are missing NUTTIN! This is the quickest, easiest and most logical way to do the 5 People statement IMHO. Now if I could only CONCENTRATE harder.

Originally Posted by subgenius View Post
Say the "5 people" are: Red, Baseball, Volleyball, Tuna, Spagetti

I start with Red - Red is not Baseball, Volleyball, Tuna or Spagetti

Next, Baseball - Baseball is not Volleyball (skip this one because, obviously, they are in the same category), not Tuna or Spagetti

Volleyball is not Tuna or Spagetti

and finally, Tuna is not Spagetti

I find this easy, but, am I missing anything? I'm not "sub" genius for nothing.
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