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I like both suggestions, but I see a potential problem with the first.

If one could see the backstory before committing to the game, they could limit their choices to a single backstory and therefore a very limited subset of puzzles in the collection for a particular size and difficulty.

Using only the size and difficulty, there are probably around 2,000 puzzles in each combination.

If there are 100 backstories, and if they are evenly distributed across the puzzles in a given combination, there might only be 20 puzzles with that backstory.

It would certainly be pretty boring and time consuming to search for puzzles that matched the preferred backstory, but once found, the resulting puzzle wouldn't be very difficult to solve if you've seen that same one many times.

However, what if there was an intermediate page between starting the puzzle and seeing the entire grid and clues? If you abandoned the puzzle at that point, it would count as an unsolved puzzle. If you continued, then you would get to study the backstory without the timer running before seeing the rest of the puzzle.

The intermediate page could be optional and handled with a preference.

I like the second suggestion too. So many times I've wanted to see the puzzle after the solution page appeared.

I take a screen shot if I get stuck. But sometimes I get lucky with a solution, and the puzzle is gone. I could see having a button under the statistics table that would pop a window showing the submitted solution and clues.

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