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Five couples, after varying lengths of courtship, decided to get married and, for their wedding in the Summer, chose a day - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday - corresponding to the day on which they were engaged, and a time - 2.00pm, 2.30pm, 3.00pm, 3.30pm, or 4.00pm - corresponding to the number of years during which they had been courting.

The grooms-to-be were Charles, James, John, Larry, and Peter.

The brides-to-be were Carrie, Jessie, Mary, Monica, and Sally.

The wedding venues were Coldburn, Lamberton, Marsdale, Parville, and Salmington.

No man married a girl with the same initial and no man or girl got married in a town with the same initial.

The grooms-to-be, brides-to-be, wedding venues, days, and times do not necessarily relate to each other in the order listed.

From this information and the following clues, can you determine the names of the couples, where they were married, the day on which they were married and the time at which they were married?

1) The couple who got married in Coldburn had the same initials as the couple who got married in Parville.
2) One of the couples had rhyming names.
3) The Marsdale ceremony was held at 2.00pm.
4) Peter and his bride married in Lamberton.
5) Either Mary or Monica, who had a longer courtship, was married on Monday.
6) The couple who were married on Thursday courted for the shortest period of time.
7) James and his bride were married in Parville at 3.30pm.
8) The couple who were married in Coldburn were married first.
9) Jessie and her groom were married mid-week after a three year courtship.
10) The 4.00pm ceremony was held on Tuesday.
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