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Originally Posted by doomy304 View Post
I think at best this could be the English-speaking world championship for logic puzzles but I'd be extremely unsurprised to learn there are people who are good at logic puzzles who don't use this site.
Hi Doomy304, I mentioned you in dispatches above post. Are there any foreign language site for logic puzzles? I doubt it. I would guess we have many good puzzle solvers here where English is not their first language. A basic knowledge of English would be all that was required to play these puzzles. On the topic of 4x5 challenge type puzzles I find there comes at least one point where I have to sit back and think where the heck do I go from here? Sometimes I go through a list of things to try, like cross referencing, greater/lesser comparisons, looking for psuodo double, etc. Sometimes I am stumped and have to re-read the clues again. I find the 4x5's challenging and great fun.

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