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That was a tough one. I got the following solution:

$6.99 - Gwendolyn - spaghetti - mushroom
$7.99 - Louis - capellini - arrabiata
$8.99 - Nathaniel - fusilli - pomodoro
$9.99 - Claudia - taglioni - marinara
$10.99 - Angie - farfalle - bolognese

On the first pass through the clues, it looked hopeless. I started working the intersections of rows and columns to get some positives.

You are missing an X from clue 6. $10.99 cannot be marinara. However, I didn't have the X that you have at $10.99 and arrabiata. Not sure how you got that one.

If you still have the unsolved game in the recent games list, try this solution to see what happens.

I can give a step by step if you want to take the time. This one has a situation where only two possibilities exist for two members of the same category. This allows you to X out those two possibilities for the other three members.

It also has several situations where the intersection of two elements of the grid is null which allows you to place another X.

I don't really know if I have the right solution. However, it seems to satisfy all the constraints, and it was fun getting there.

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