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Originally Posted by carpboy View Post
I am not seeing this at all. For a couple of months now I have been simply recording my times and the 'median' value for the puzzles (4x7 hardest level).

For instance, I have solved the 'parking ticket' one 3 times and its median has been 689, 943, and 924.

Assuming this is a mature puzzle, I would expect the best time to be essentially constant, or changing by only small amounts. So why would the media be varying so widely?
Are you looking at the story of the puzzle, or the puzzle ID itself? There can be many puzzles with the same story and same category values, which have different sets of clues. This website treats each unique set of clues as a separate puzzle, and keeps stats separately for each one.

I would expect the median times to settle out for each puzzle, and I would be surprised to see that much variation for a single puzzle. It would not surprise me to see that much variation on a puzzle story.
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