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Originally Posted by alamakota View Post
3. Once times start rolling in, I am GUESSING that the only things that move are the lowest (i.e. record), the median (which, again, I'm guessing, is a true median), and the highest.
3a. "25th percentile" and "75th percentile" continue to be calculate as a simple arithmetical average of the numbers surrounding them.
I am not seeing this at all. For a couple of months now I have been simply recording my times and the 'median' value for the puzzles (4x7 hardest level).

For instance, I have solved the 'parking ticket' one 3 times and its median has been 689, 943, and 924.

Assuming this is a mature puzzle, I would expect the best time to be essentially constant, or changing by only small amounts. So why would the media be varying so widely?
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