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Ok, I just solved the rest of it for you.

top left green: This is the stuff we already figured out.
top left red: pencil marks for the remaining values (1,2,4)
top left blue 5: This spot can't be 1,2, or 4 because it would conflict with a red number. It can't be 3, because it would conflict with the black 3. So, it must be 5.
top left blue circles: One of these must be a 2, because we need a 2 in that region. So, any space that touches both circles cannot be a 2.

top right red 4: It can't be a 2, we just explained why. The only remaining possibility is 4.
top right blue 4s: forced by the red 4.
top right blue 1: only remaining spot for a 1
top right yellow 2/3: only remaining spots for 2/3
top right yellow 4/2: only remaining spots

bottom left red 2: we already have neighbors that are 1,3,4. Must be 2.
bottom left red 5: only remaining place for a 5 in this region
bottom left blue 1/2: only remaining places in region

bottom right red: only remaining places in region for these numbers.

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