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Exclamation challenge part 2

Hello, I'm back again with a new puzzle for you! But before that lets all give a big congrats to Rustysocket, who answered the first question first! For those who answer the questions first, you will be entered in the logicians hall. Rustysockets answer was that the men threw a cigarette off, so the boat became a cigarette lighter!

Now, this teaser is NOT A JOKE! So the answer IS POSSIBLE AND REASONABLE! Its a little harder than last times! Here it is:

A six year old boy goes up to a tree a wonders how tall he is, so he stands next to the tree and drives a nail to the tree to mark his height, he then measures the distance from the ground to the mark and discovers he is 4 feet tall. He leaves the nail in the tree. 3 years later, he returns to the tree and has grown 2 feet and 7.5 inches (yes, he is a fast grower) and the tree has grown 1/5 of his height that he is now. How far up will the nail be in the tree?
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