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The "The Barber Shop" puzzle on page 127 seems to be missing two negative relations.

This is a 4x5 puzzle.

Orders: First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth
Customers: Alan, Darren, Jay, Matthew, Trevor
Haircuts: Bowl Cut, Caesar Cut, Crew Cut, Flattop, Mohawk
Hair Colors: Black, Blond, Brown, Gray, Red

I modified clues 1 and 3 to provide the missing relations (I hope).

1. The five customers are the one who was served first, the one who got the flattop, Matthew, the customer who requested a crew cut (who wasn't served fourth), and the one who has prematurely gray hair (who isn't Alan and who wasn't served third).

2. The second customer to be served didn't get the Mohawk.

3. Trevor got his haircut before Matthew, and neither Trevor nor Matthew has brown hair.

4. Of Alan (who wasn't served first) and the person who was served second, one has blond hair, and the other has gray hair.

5. Jay (who didn't have black hair) was served last.

6. Darren got either a Mohawk or a bowl cut.

7. Of the brown-haired customer and the one who was served second, one is Trevor, and the other got a bowl cut.

We would probably swap the revised clue 3 with 7 so that the Trevor/brown combination was still possible when we encountered the "Of the ..." clue when processing the clues sequentially from top to bottom.
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