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The "Checking Accounts" puzzle on page 125 seems to be missing a clue. With the given clues, I am missing one negative relation in the Styles/First Names sub-grid.

This is a 4x5 puzzle.

Styles: Balloons, Clowns, Dogs, Horses, Sunset
First Names: Braden, Carter, Emma, Julius, Spencer
Last Names: Farmar, Garston, Lipton, Neville, Pollis
Account Types: Economy, Premier, Super-Saver, Retirement, Student

I modified clue 4 a little to provide the missing negative relation and obtain a unique solution.

1. Of Carter and Julius, one (Mr. Neville) chose the economy-level checking account, and the other (who didn't have the surname Pollis) opted for the multi-colored balloon checkbook.

2. Between Braden and the customer who chose the dog-themed checkbook, one got the premium-level checking account, and the other had the last name Garston.

3. Spencer didn't sign up for a retirement checking account.

4. Of Emma and the customer who got the balloon-themed checkbook (who wasn't Carter), one signed up for the student checking account, and the other had Lipton as a surname.

5. The customer with the horse-themed checkbook signed up for a premium-level account.

6. The retirement customer ordered the clown-themed checkbook.

I hope I got that right.
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