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I routinely do much below average times even when I get a new puzzle without any benefit of using advanced logic skills to lower my times. You just need to get experience. It also helps me to focus on harder puzzles. I never start puzzles that have an average time below about 600 seconds and a success rate above about 50%. The key is understanding and harnessing the power of symbolic logic. Much can be gained by understanding how the clues really give more information than one might see on the surface. All the clues can be reduced to symbolic logic type equations, such as A>B or Of A & B, 1 is C and 1 is D. When I started solving logic puzzles on this site, I actually wrote these equations down and reached conclusions from them that allowed me to begin filling in the grid, both X's and O's. After awhile I didn't need to write them down to get the information from them. That saves a lot of time. There are other logic "tricks" that are useful. After all, they call them logic puzzles for a good reason. If you try this method, I would suggest playing as a guest at first as this method of seeing the logic patterns takes a lot of time until you begin to catch on.
Good Luck
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