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Is it possible to cheat? Apparently.

Is it an interesting challenge to figure out how to cheat? Yes, for some people.

Is there any real point to cheating? Not really. It's not like there are any prizes given out. And once you figure out how to do it once, there's not any challenge in doing it again. Heck, some of the cheats probably take more effort than solving puzzles legitimately.

Are a few of the high scores due to cheating? Probably. But I know first hand that it's possible to get very fast times without cheating, so I don't find fast times suspicious.

Is cheating a big enough problem to be worth worrying about? I seriously doubt it. And quite frankly, if someone is so pathetic that they cheat enough to seriously affect the stats for the sake of some fake bragging rights, I'm inclined to pity them rather than get angry about it.
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