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Thanks for the clues!

I took a quick look at the first one and got the following:

.75 - Scott - HOPN - Manufacturing
1.00 - Derrick - AMBR - Pharm
1.25 - Brett - CFWT - Tech
1.50 - Leslie - GGML - Financial
1.75 - Connor - TLVU - Energy

I think this is consistent with the clues.

To get this, I noticed that your grid only had two alternatives for HOPN and pharma. Clue 1 says that HOPN and pharma cannot be in the same row, so there are only two alternatives for that pair. To save time, I just chose .75 for HOPN to see what would happen, and it led to a "solution."

Then I checked that result against the clues, and it seemed consistent.

I was expecting to get either a conflict or a bunch of empty rectangles that usually mean a mistake was made somewhere. If I got one of those results, I would have just chosen the other alternative for HOPN and pharma.

Does the book state somewhere that each solution is unique and each step in the solution only requires logic (no guess-and-check)?

If the puzzles in the book are like the ones in the online library, there should be a way to deduce the next step without guessing.
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