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You should NEVER need to do “what if”. You deduced that the 9.0 was the 84 second quake from clues 4 & 6 and that was very good, IMHO. The next domino was lying right next to that one. You can see that 49 seconds and 84 seconds are down to only two possibilities each as far as year goes, and since they’re tied together by clue 6 ONE OF THEM HAS TO HAVE HAPPENED IN 1956! That means that 41 seconds and 99 seconds can be crossed off as candidates for 1956. As you comb back through the clues, you can see that eliminating 1956 as a possibility for 41 seconds, eliminated 1950 as a possibility for 8.5, leaving only 8.9 for 1950. The rest topples like a house of cards. The technique that makes this possible is shown in this video…
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