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Until now I was just playing and I first hear about consensus like this... Really there was something like this? I mean, ok, in some older types of games I kind of remembered some patterns (never wrote it down, etc., but recognizing it in the middle of game helps a little in faster ending, in minimal it helps to look at clues person needs at that moment), but I can manage without any help or any memorizing do 5x5 under 100, or even under 80 without bigger problems - even when I play them first time (or after long time, which is the same for me), when they are easy enough (and then there are some, that I do over 200 or even over 300 seconds, of course, even more, when they are evil enough or if I'm just dumb at that time, which occurs sometimes ), I'm not sure about under 70, but maybe I did 1 or 2 or something like this that fast (not counting these same-pattern-ones)...
I'm just writing it 'cause it just surprised me, that someone said, that it can't be done, etc. And nope, I'm not cheating, I like this game and it would steal fun from it...
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