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Originally Posted by pcuser View Post
I thought that unrealistic times for records weren't going to be posted. This has been addressed in at least 1 thread, probably more. I seem to recall a general consensus that times for 5X5 puzzles couldn't be achieved under 100 seconds without aids or memorization. I have seen a puzzle by zenobia43 with a record in the low 60 seconds and one by tulga.more of 65 seconds. Why do we have to compete with puzzle scores that at best were achieved by memorization and at worst by use of aids.
I think it's handled now. At least I've never seen a record score of under 101 seconds, and I score under 100 on occasion. It says it's a new record, but I doubt it's kept. I'm not nearly as fast as some here. So I think a score under 101 counts for your own statistics, but not as a record score.

I have no memory of past puzzles. I think it's realistic for me (at least) to get to about 55 seconds for a 4x4 and 75 on a 5x5. I'll probably improve a little more, but not much.
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