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[quote=butterat2001;670]I'm a new member, and I really like what I've seen here so far, but I wish there was a way to sort or seek out puzzles with certain feature, like choosing in advance whether you get a 4x4 or 5x5 puzzle, or if you want to specifically challenge yourself to one of the puzzles with the current longest average solve time or lowest completion rate. It's frustrating having to just refresh the page dozens of times hoping to get one of the twenty-minute puzzles with a 30% solve rate.

I know that this site does competitions, but I'm not interested in that. Many of the lowest scores on these puzzles seem like they're below scores that any human could produce unassisted. Likewise, the highest scorers on the monthly contest are apparently solving something like 5000 puzzles a month, and I have things to do. So, if I want to solve a few, tough puzzles every now and then, what can I do? For that matter, I would be interested in seeing some 6x6 or even larger puzzles on this site as well!


Disappointed that there has been no response to requests for choosing puzzle difficulty, % success rate and avg time. it is very tedious to have to click through dozens of puzzles to get one challenging enough to do.
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