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Originally Posted by Vzburns View Post
I have noticed that different puzzle authors handle this type of clue differently and would like to know how this site does it.

Example: Roger was taller then the person with the surname barnes (who didn't have a dog)

Some puzzles then say neither Roger nor Barnes have a dog, others say this only means Barnes doesn't have a dog.

Or: Kevin was late the day before Jerry (who isn't surnamed Denver)
Does this mean neither one is Denver or only Jerry?

In these puzzles please tell me which is it. Thank you!

Shinigami99 thank you for the answer but just to clarify the second example (surnamed Denver) was a direct quote of a clue on the puzzle I was working on here. So puzzles here do have clues like that, that is why I asked the question here. But thanks again for the answer, i appreciate it.
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