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Default Answer using logic and empirism

Any aspect that you can to consider:
a) we have 9 points
b) we have 8 triangles
C)we have so 1 big square and 4 little squares
d) we have a diamond
e) we have two lines crossing in the center of the big square

Isn't possible to walk all path's with 0 and 1 repetion, I concluse that because I try a lot times, but i can't prove with a formula. So in this case you can do the best path with you take all path's one time and take the two little paths one more time. Therefore, the little path is equal to:
D-G-H-I-F-C-B-A-D-H-E-B-D-E-F-B-E-H-F (the path point by point in the order)
Total path =150+200+200+150+150+200+200+150+250+150+150+250+2 00+200+250+150+150+250=3400m
I search a little about "how to make the little path formula" and i discovery an method, but I don't know use because it's hard, but you maybe can, so try read Dijkstra Algorithm.
I try my best, but this problem is much complex because we have much possibilites.

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