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I'd be interested in knowing, from those who have written scripts to solve these puzzles quickly (not that much of a challenge for a programmer), what's the point of "solving" hundreds of puzzles a month like this? Those of us who are interested in fastest times find it rather obvious when someone suddenly jumps from an average of 600 seconds to below 100 seconds. Definitely busted. The rest will never recognize your "expertise" either way.

To admin, I would suggest random encryptions in the display of named attributes and common words in clue descriptions, invisible to display but not to cut-and-paste, that would tire out the script kiddies. Or perhaps generating the clues as an image rather than as text.

Hopefully, the new time limits are reasonable. The old limit was 100 seconds, and that didn't work well. Wherever they're set, I don't think it's the right solution to the problem.
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