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Perhaps what Angler is alluding (incorrectly) to is the "And" condition implied by the clues.
You wrote these first two:
1) Virginia is either zinfandel or shiraz
2) Virgina paid either $25.99 or $27.99
But also, if Virginia is associated with one of the wines, the wine has to be associated with the other price, so number 1) could be expanded to include the price associated with the wine (if bought by Virginia):
1) Virginia is either (zinfandel and 27.99) or (shiraz and 25.99)

But, that doesn't mean that zinfandel must be 27.99 or that shiraz must be 25.99, nor does it mean that the zinfandel can't be citrus chicken or that shiraz can't be Sea Bass.

But it does mean if the zinfandel is 27.99, then it can't be associated with citrus chicken (and was bought by Virginia)
likewise if the shiraz is 25.99 it can't be associated with Sea Bass (and was bought by Virginia).

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