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Originally Posted by dalfetsmarak View Post
Are you certain you've been signed in? I check every time before a game that it shows me in competitive mode
Nope, that's not it. Look at his stats page:

Under lifetime stats, it shows that he/she has attempted 3 puzzles, and completed 1 of them.

Under "This Month" stats, it shows that he/she has attempted 28 puzzles, and completed 15 of them.

I'm having the same problem:

Admin says that it means someone else is using my account. I don't think this makes any sense at all. It appears to be a bug where two different people have the same profile page, and half the stuff on the page is for one person, and half is for the other.

I'm just glad to have found someone else who has this problem. It could be something that only affects accounts that were created this month.
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