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Yep, that formula still seems to be the one used.

So, really the only things needed to figure out your score are:

1) your time
2) the fastest time
3) the median.

I see a lot of people track how well they do buy recording their time in the comment history on a puzzle. Some go further to record their time and their score.

I used to do that. Sometimes I would solve the same puzzle again, and get a faster time but a lower score. That always used to confuse me.

After figuring out the formula, I know that when that happens, it's either because the fastest time for that puzzle has gotten better or the median for that puzzle has gotten better.

So now, instead of recording my time and my score, I record my time, the fastest time, and the median. If you look through the comment history, you can see how those have changed over time, which affects how many points people get over time.
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